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We welcome all MAMAs! It is our goal to offer a support group for all mothers by providing a forum to discuss
topics of child-raising, personal improvement, family and community; as well as through social activities that will enrich, 
encourage growth and friendship of mothers and their children.

Please see below additional information about our group based on commonly asked questions. 



  • Monthly Calendar of Events

  • Virtual Group Forum 

  • Book Club 

  • Meet and Develop Friendships

  • Community Service Projects

  • “Moms Night In” and “Out” Events

  • Summer Banquet and Holiday Events

  • Membership Meetings with Guest Speakers


Our scheduled activities may take place at parks, hiking trails, splash pads, museums, indoor play zones, as well as other locations recommend by our members. Playdates are designated by the host of the event. You can choose what times works best for your schedule to meet up with others. It can be morning, afternoon or evening depending on your needs.

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Our location boundaries are from Meridian Street to Michigan Road and from 96th Street to 176th Street. Your home address will be reviewed to determine eligibility; however, exceptions may be approved. If you are located on the East side of Carmel/Westfield, we will refer you to our sister group East Carmel MAMAs.


There are two steps to becoming a member. You must fill out a New Member Form and agree to the MAMAs Code of Conduct Guidelines & Liability Release. You must then submit a $30 payment by Square, cash or check. Fees are due annually in January to renew your membership. Membership dues will be prorated when joining July-December.

Please contact our Membership Coordinator via the contact form if you are interested in joining. 

Membership Information: Programs
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